About Pilotica

Pilotica is pilot logbook software, created as a free alternative to Logbook Pro, Pilot Pro, LogTen Pro, ZuluLog and others. I found other tools had severe limitations and were over priced. For example, I found I wasn't able to ask simple things like, how many hours in 7561X the last 180 days? Basic things like picking a date were a cumbersome set of 3+ click and scroll exercises. Pilotica was built to be fast, simple and free online and mobile pilot logbook software.

The tool

Powerful, easy to use, 100% free online and mobile pilot logbook

  • Totally free pilot logbook, with no ads.
  • Safely store your pilot logbook in the cloud.
  • Track flight time including basic, night and IFR currency, and much more.
  • Use the fast web based pilot logbook from anywhere.
  • Free iPhone/iPad pilot logbook for fast access on the go and works offline.
  • Visual reporting and graph your flight time, instantly generate form 8720 and see times by year.
  • Always available, 24 hours a day web browser based logbook.
  • Keep a secure and redundant pilot logbook, without fear of your logbook being lost or stolen.
  • Your pilot logbook is backed up nightly, you can also export your own backup in Excel format.
  • Quickly total your pilot time with unlimited custom filters, in seconds.
  • Import your flight logs from other paid services, save money for avgas.
  • Email reminders for currency, certificate, and medical expiration.
  • Share pilot logbook with your friends or make your logbook private, post flights to Facebook.
  • Add photos and videos to remember your flights.
  • Add custom fields to track any data about your flight.
  • Easy sum time by date range, time and type for insurance summaries.
  • Tons of other features including route weather brief, weather overview and more coming soon!

The Price

Zip, zero, nada, nothing, never... no ads. This is not a money making venture, flying is expensive enough. Pilotica was built by a pilot for the benefit of the pilot community.

Enough words, show me some screenshots!