FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: I have been trying to setup my info but I do not see how to enter my current time into the log book to get started. I filled out the profile info but have not been able to enter the past flight time?
A: The logbook calculates the flight time assuming you have all your flights entered in. It can be a long weekend if you don't already have your flights in digital format... it's worth it though, then you can export it and always have it. If you already have a digital copy, you can import them from the "Imports" menu option on the left side. If you don't have it in digital format and don't want to enter in your past flights, you can just enter a single flight with all your flight time thus far as a single line item.

Q: I made an entry for a round robin flight in North Texas (52F - KLUD - KXBP - 52F). The Google map shows a stop in Kentucky. I tried K52F for the start and end points and it still shows the same Kentucky waypoint.
A: Try removing "-" character in the route.

Q: You have Aircraft Types. I assume this is the FAA Type Designator, but multiple aircraft type certificates are included by the FAA into one type, a BE36 can be any Bonanza 36 (36, A36, A36TC, B36TC, G36, T36TC) for example.
A: The type is the ICAO identifier, otherwise when it calculates sums it would show two different numbers for A36TC and B36TC for example. I'm thinking that people really just want to know how much BE36 time they have, no? Maybe I should make a way to group them... open to suggestions.

Q: On the iPad I'm having trouble seeing the whole logbook with all the columns I have selected, it goes too far to right.
A: On the iPad you can do a two finger swipe to scroll to the right.

Q: When will the mobile version be available?
A: The iPhone version will be available in mid September.