What's New?

Made some server and library updates. Let me know if you find any issues.

Updated the Outlook weather maps and the Skewt url.

I added new resume related fields and a "Resume" report. The idea here is to always be able to print an updated pilot resume with your latest times and accmplishments. Also made a few other minor improvements to the UI on iPad.

Happy new year! I added a new report called the "Year Summary". This will show you a breakdown of your flying in a given year.

Made the webapp responsive to mobile screen sizes.

Updated the route weather brief to default to your home airport. Working on color coding based on category and also working on adding scheduling features for clubs and partnerships.

New logo! Also I just uploaded a new iOS build which should be available soon. This primarily fixes a duplicate entry syncing bug.

After numerous complaints I've ditched Amazon as the server provider and moved Pilotica to a new and much faster server. Cloud storage on SSD's, super fast and way more reliable. So far so good!

My friend Matt created an awesome skewt program, I've added it to the weather tab. Sweet!